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Updates for Dell xcd28 or ZTE blade or mtc 916

Hi... everyone and welcome to the android phone update blog.....!!

This blog helps u update ur phone from stock android 2.1 to android 2.2(gingerbread)  or newest release of cyanogenmod Android 2.3.4("mooncake nightly")

So ready to hav some fun...???

Warning: Attempt at your own risk, although the method is fully tested but there can be unexpected results if you fail to follow the instructions properly.
1.                  In terms of hardware Dell XCD28,ZTE Racer and Mtc 916  are same 
2.                  All your data shall be erased in the process. Contacts can be exported to SD card and after up gradation you can import them back to your phone from sd card.

First and foremost thing is u hav to get NEW ROM for ur phone 



Android 2.3.4(cyanogenmod nightly) " "

* if u want to root ur then download the following files from here

1.                  Export all your contacts to SD card. Open contacts----Select Menu----Select Import/Export----Select Export to SD card (if prompted to choose contacts from a list the select all by clicking on menu and then click done).
2.                  Note down the IMEI no. of your phone by removing the battery or by dialing *#06# on your phone.
3.                  Connect your phone to computer and open you sd card. Now create a new folder, name it as Upgrade and copy all the downloaded and extraced files including the rom file(zip file dowloaded from the above links )  to it.
4.                  Disconnect you phone from computer.
5.                  Open Filer on phone and open the folder Upgrade.
6.                  Install UniversalAndroot and open it.
7.                  Click on Root
8.      Then it will tell u "wow ur phone is rooted "

NOW rooting is finished

* Now u hav to install recovery image so 

1.                  Go back to Upgrade and install recovery manager and open it.

2.                  Provide superuser rights by clicking on allow.
3.                  Click on recovery and further install recovery.
4.                  Select the image file recoverysu850.img on recovery install popup and then confirm by clicking on OK.

Now recovery installation is complete..!

* Rebooting into recovery mode:

0 .                  Go back recovery manager and open it
1.                  Click on Reboot in recovery and confirm by clicking OK.
2.                  Phone will restart in recovery mode.
3.                  In this mode you can navigate in the menu list by using only volume increase/decrease keys and select a menu by pressing the power on/off button. Touch screen input is not operational in recovery mode.
4.                  Press these keys in sequence – volume decrease key—volume increase key--- volume decrease key. You’ll see a message on screen Back menu button enable (this enables your power button for selecting a menu option).
Note: If you press volume increase—volume decrease—volume increase then it will disable the power button (back menu button).

* Backup ur stock rom

1.                  Go to backup and restore option by pressing volume increase key and select by pressing the power button.

2.                  Select backup by pressing the power button.This will backup your original phone configuration to sd card. The backup is stored in /clockworkmod/backup folder on SD card. This backup can be used to restore back to original firmware if you face any issue with the upgrade.
3. it will show backup is complete

Backup is complete...!!

* Installing new os

1.                  Once you see the backup complete option on your phone screen, navigate to wipe data/factory re option by using the volume keys and select it by pressing the power button.
2.                  Navigate to Yes – delete all u and select it by pressing power button.
3.                  When you see Data wipe complete on your screen, navigate to choose zip from sd card and select by pressing power button.
4.                  Navigate to upgrade folder and select by pressing power button.
5.                  Select zip file u want to install using power button.
6.                  Navigate to Yes-Install Android and press power button.
7.                  Wait while android is being installed.

8.  you see the message Install from SD card complete

Os intallation complete..!!

* Now reboot the phone by selecting reboot option

First boot takes up a long so dont get scared....and now ur phone is upgraded 

If u have ur phone in other launguage dont wory u can change ur launguage in the settings

**  If at first start you find your phone is in locked mode, not to worry we can unlock it for free. **

1.       Visit the site – on your computer. Enter your IMEI (noted at the begining, then select the service as ZTE and select ZTE racer in Models. Then fill in the verification code as displayed on the screen and click on order.
The unlock code is generated, fill in this code on your phone and enjoy

           Phone unlocked...!

Note: In case if you find that the new firmware is not working or you face something unexpected and want to go back to your original configuration. Just remove and reinsert your phone battery. Now press the volume decrease key and switch on your phone (don’t release the volume decrease button until phone displays android on screen). This will restart the phone in recovery mode and you’ll be able to restore the phone from the original backup. Same method can be used to install other ROMs available over internet.

 A good site for more ROMs & stuff on Dellxcd28/ZTE Racer is and for 2.3 ROM in Russian language you can also visit You can change the language to English after installation.

Android 2.2 for Dell xcd28 or zte racer or MTC 916

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